Develop your IT business with Go To Italy 2020

By Massimo Facchinetti Lead Generation, Vendite Commenti disabilitati su Develop your IT business with Go To Italy 2020

4Plays Italia has a long track record in developing business for IT Companies in Italy and abroad. We have been helping IT companies of all sizes to generate opportunities as well arising from the Reseller market as from the End User market.

One of the reasons of our ability stays in our wish for transparency, honesty and true love for competencies and research. Our experience about the IT market is well established especially for the Italian market but not only. Our professionals have deserved honors and recognition across the world during their long carrier in marketing and selling Information Technology products.

This is why we are now launching the Go To Italy 2020 Program, dedicated to software and hardware Vendors wanting to develop their footprint in the Italian market.

The Program is a sales-first set of activities providing Vendors with true opportunities to engage with Italian Resellers and it is intended to generate revenues in a period of three months maximum. No marketing or digital assets or sales tools will ever be more important than true one-to-one relationships with Italian company Owners or Technical Directors or Sales & Marketing Directors and their peers.

Vendors adhering to these initiative will go through a process of selection and selected Vendors will pay no fee to start up the program. We are so used to generate business that we want to shorten your and our sales cycle so that we can profit together from our joint efforts.

And of course we will pay a lot of attention to our beloved Resellers. They will be judjing the beautifulness of solutions provided by foreign Vendors. This is why we need to select carefully those who will apply to develop the Italian market.

For applications please send an email to or visit the page


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