Introducing new IT Technologies and Vendors in the Italian market

The Go To Italy 2020 Program

Our customers are always looking for solutions for their business and new opportunities. We want to offer them the excellent solutions that are among the most innovative and effective on the world market.
A team of experts in the Italian market, created the ‘Go to Italy 2020’ program for 5 selected vendors, including his company.
‘Go to Italy 2020’ is about selection and introduction of selected vendors dedicated to the Italian channel and end users.

Entering an unknown market requires long times or heavy investments to draw:

  • Route
  • Market conditions
  • Establishing Relationships
  • But good technologies have rapid times and companies are often not able to respond in due time.

The 4Plays Italia team wants to shorten these times, and invest their time, their relationships, their skills and technologies only for the benefit of companies they believe in.

What we provide to IT Vendors

  1. Advice and consultanc
  2. Execution Capabilities and experience
  3. Reports and measurements

We believe so much in our proven and solid knowledge and introduction into the market that we will not ask you for upfront fees.
We will present the 5 vendors in locations to define to interested Reseller products.


  • Commercial training
  • Technical Training
  • Coaching Communication
  • Sales support

At the end of the start-up phase, discussed together, know-how and business opportunities can be directed towards traditional distribution”

Stay tuned!

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Who we are

4Plays is an international company based in Milano, Italy, working with Vendors, Distributors and Resellers all around the world to increase their revenues and share business results.

Other specialties of 4Plays are Sales Strategy, Branding, Communication, Marketing Automation and Lead Generation. All 4Plays professionals are well-known in the IT market world-wide or at European / Italian level.